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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Nusquama - Horizon Ontheemt

Blazing and powerful black metal with touches of artsy magic that never goes too over the top. Crushing riffs and faded out vocals creating a mysterious backdrop for wondrous sonic blasphemy. Voyages across broken shores of mourning. Such is the nature of this record and what it has come to represent in my heart as Eisenwald once more manage to dig up a band creating some truly powerful and inherently fascinating music of the sort that we can't quite wrap our heads around. Nusquama's debut full length Horizon Ontheemt is a wonderful musical journey and one that speaks to the power of black metal.

In the world of Dutch black metal there have been many opening ululations that never really went anywhere. However - it feels like Horizon Ontheemt is on track to launch a potent new career for Nusquama. Featuring members of Laster, Northward and Fluisteraars the band has managed to fuse their antecedents sounds into something that is wholly their own. As with their peers in Downfall of Gaia or Der Weg Einer Freiheit (Perhaps two of the most relevant sonic touchstones for Nusquama) the band has managed to find a balance between the potent prettiness of atmospheric black metal and elements of first and second wave hatred.

Horizon Ontheemt is a mesmerizing listen and one that demands you spin it time and time again. In a world where bands and labels frequently just put out whatever trendy bullshit they can come up with, this is a record that feels much more organic and self aware. This is a record that ebbs and flows, driving you with its intensity as well as its inherent majesty. You are going to find yourself sucked into the enthralling world of Horizon Ontheemt from the first and it's only going to further fascinate from there.

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