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Friday, January 11, 2019

Trollfest - Norwegian Fairytales

It's been a while since I thought about Trollfest, so I was pleased to see that the Norwegian party folk masters are still out there killing it. The bands unique brand of power-folk metal has always capture my imagination with its over the top choruses and driving rhythms. The band has had quite the evolution over the years and now as we sit on the eve of their seventh albums release, it's fun to dig back in and admire the power that is captured within Norwegian Fairytales and what it has come to represent.

Hard grooving and tight hitting, Trollfest have crafted a thrilling listen, full of the dynamism and bombast that has made so many people love this band for so long. A distinctly European act, there is something incredibly fun about the lighthearted jig pitting madness of a song like Espen Bin Askeladden. The groups songwriting prowess has only grown in recent years and this album sees them at the height of their powers. A big part of this is the diversity of elements, there are eight guys in the latest promo shot of the band and they aren't afraid to experiment with a bevy of saxophones and banjos.

Long story short - Trollfest are unleashing pure aural madness on Norwegian Fairytales and it's wonderfully easy to fall in love with their over the top anthems. Still singing in their trademark 'Trollsprak' (Roughly translated to 'the language of trolls') the band continues their exciting quest for ever crazier parties. Norwegian Fairytales is a veritable adventure and a pleasure to the senses. Dive on in and fall in love once again with a band that understand the truly ridiculous and over the top magic this genre can have.

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