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Friday, January 4, 2019

Witchers Creed - Awakened From The Tomb...

Is doom metal youth crew a thing? If it was then Witchers Creed would be among the heirs to the genre. One of the most promising groups to be emerging from the dark Swedish crypts, Witchers Creed are playing powerful trad doom on a level with their countrymen in acts like Candlemass, and Count Raven. Crushingly heavy and with all sorts of powerful, almost punk rock touches, Awakened From The Tomb... is a truly impressive debut full length from a young band who seem to have the world at their feet.

With an undeniable sense of forward motion throughout but a clear passion for their roots, Awakened From The Tomb... may not be a record that breaks new ground but it is one that feels strangely compelling. There is something weirdly addictive about the drive behind tracks like Salem (Resurrection) and the anthemic power of their massive choruses and thudding bass in even their most spaced out moments speaks to a band starting to really find their sound. While this record certainly could be tightened down here and there only one song trails over the six minute mark, and the rest remains compelling and honesty, kind of fun.

Witchers Creed are a band who truly understand doom metal in a world with a ton of pretenders. It's rare for a young band to have this level of clarity of vision and deliver with such professionalism. Yet here we are with a record that is Tony Reed mastered and recorded at the legendary Sunlight Studio, the cradle of Swedish Death Metal. Unbelievably heavy and a testament to all that doom has been and what it can be, it's hard not to get goosebumps when you dig through the mountain of sound that is Awakened From The Tomb...

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