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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Abyssic - High The Memory

A truly thrilling death-doom supergroup featuring current and former members of Borknagar, Ihsahn, Funeral, Images At Twilight and Susperia, Abyssic has been ,for those in the know, a veritable force for a few years now. This is a monumental group, the sort of band who elevate the genre to a whole new level with their eerie use of mellotron, miniMoog and upright bass. Their latest blasphemy, High The Memory is an intense emotional journey full of powerful aural soundscapes and crushing transcendent grooves.

What really fascinated me about Abyssic is their ability to dodge and dip around the death doom genre, tapping both into the more hard hitting and groovy death doom of bands like Asphyx and the more austere playing of their peers in Mournful Congregation. It makes for an absolutely massive record, an album that takes you on a dark journey and one which maintains its grandeur throughout. This is the sound of mountains moving and the world coming apart even as we stand, watching from the fires. It's a record that is both beautiful and terrifying and I love it more with every passing spin for exactly this reason.

Powerful and deeply emotive, High The Memory is an addictive listen. It plumbs the wellspring of human despair and reminds us why we are all voidbound in the first place. Over the top and deeply provocative, Abyssic have built on their early promise here to deliver something that is truly next level. In an increasingly crowded scene, Osmose Productions have unearthed another jewel for their crown and Abyssic have proven that they have what it takes to stand out from their peers as lords of the genre.

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