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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Black Anvil - Miles

Black Anvil have in recent years really started to ascend to a status as titans of the US black metal scene. Their status as NYBM royalty seems to be further cemented with each passing release, and this new EP, Miles serves as the next logical step in their growth. Far more diverse than much of their previous work and with more clean vocals than I quite honestly expected this is an interesting side step for these guys. It's a fascinating listen though and one that proves the bands status as next level musicians. 

Written in tribute to their dear friend Selim Lemouchi the mastermind behind The Devils Blood who passed away in 2015, this is a potent tribute to what the man brought to the world of heavy music. This is a record that explores all sides of the Black Anvil sound too - with the ripping cover of Mercyful Fates a Corpse Without Soul coming after the more ponderous Everlasting Saturnalia. There are some truly impressive musical bona fides being proved here and the deep understanding of their own musical background and goals comes through with every track. While this is definitely a record with surprises, they make sense in the greater context of the band. 

Black Anvil have done something truly special here and taken advantage of the nature of E's to put out something that isn't just a stunning tribute but an amazing testament to what this band is, has been and can be. A band who have always seem destined to take it to the next level of black metal supremacy, Miles is addictive. Black Anvil speak to everything that make them great here and it leaves me begging for more. These hardcore kids gone metal are taking Black Anvils promise further than ever before and I can't help but love it. 

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