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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Funereal Presence - Achatius

Kicking off with a sample of the Minnesanger Das Nachthorn and then delving into raw and hard hitting black metal Funereal Presence launch their sophomore full length and first release in five years with aplomb. A thorough and truly bloodthirsty listen this record is a fitting tribute to all the genre has been and all it can be. There is a transcendent and otherworldly power to the raw hatred channeled on Achatius and it refines itself into a sort of burning misery.

Utterly extreme and with grandiose intonations of the sheer shit of the human condition. When your record is named for a early martyr (And one of the 14 Holy Helpers) you know that you are in for some weird and evil shit. With lyrics that delve into religious themes and songs that come at you with a powerful aural assault, this isn't an album to be taken lightly. Dense and oppressive, Achatius is completely unwelcoming to newcomers who might seek to idg in. Instead this is black metal for the kvltist, the devotee, those who understand the darker path of this music and chosen to take it with all of us.

Achatius can be a challenging listen at times and its sheer primal nature is at times off putting but in a way that's a huge part of the appeal. Funereal Presence is a crusher of a band and one that seems to leap from peak to peak. The ferocity here couched in a distinct sense of artsiness speaks to all that Funereal Presence is and hints at what it can be. There is an insane amount of raw talent at hand here and getting to dig in as they continue to grow is going to be a thrilling ride. Intimidating and over the top, Achatius is a trip to a twisted unreality.

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