Chuck Schuldiner Project

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Posthum - Like Wildfire

I wasn't previously too familiar with Posthum, the band has been around for a decade and has quietly been making moves in the world of Norwegian black metal. This is a band who clearly understand their roots but who are bringing out all manner of other sounds into the fold. Their music is powerful and dark, a take on second wave black metal that is not without its third wave elements. There are interesting sonic twists and turns here, and throughout a driving sense of momentum that makes Like Wildfire interesting.

The crushing sense of forward motion behind these tracks is impressive and it speaks to the bands ability to craft some truly impressive soundscapes. With overarching majesty and twists and turns that are to die for, Like Wildfire can't help but to bring the listener to their knees. The thing is, Posthum place a huge focus on songwriting and their approach runs the gamut of influences making for something that is distinctly their own. Tasteful in execution and refined in its delivery, Like Wildfire is a tightly polished album that is going to keep you coming back for more as you seek to drink from the chalice.

Like Wildfire is a record that is distinctly its own despite borrowing from a pretty distinct set of bands. I'm especially a fan of the guitar tones and the execution therein. It sets the band apart from their peers and gives you a reason to keep coming back ever more fascinated than before. What's cool about this record is that though it definitely doesn't come across as artsy fartsy black metal, there are a lot of different layers to unpack demanding multiple listens as you try to grasp what it was all about in the first place.

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