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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Devil Master - Satan Spits On Children Of Light

This is a good one. Straight out of the depths of the Filthadelphia crusty DIY scene and featuring folks who have been deeply involved in this community for years despite being fairly young, Devil Master are destined to blow minds for years to come. Their new record, Satan Spits On Children Of Light is insane. It's a thrilling mix of proto black metal meets death rock by way of punk. It's a record that takes no prisoners and has a no holds barred approach to cracking skulls and ripping out throats all across the board.

In the modern black metal scene things have gotten either very serious or very pretty. This is a record that spits in the face of all of that, that uses its own DIY madness to grab at your hair and bring you down to its level, where they beat you with experience. A masterful release that has a wonderfully tasteful execution, Satan Spits On Children Of Light is a testimony to years of hard work. Devil Master are the sort of band who understand the fundamental nature of black metal in its most pure form. The touches of rock and roll that infringe on songs like 'Devil Is your Master' don't feel hokey but rather are a clear expression of what this blasphemous music was supposed to be about in the first place.

Wonderfully put together and immaculate in its conception this debut from one of Philly's favorite sons sounds absolutely massive. Satan Spits On Children Of Light is at times a terrifying listen and at others one that is going to leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. It revel in its own sense of bloodthirst and seems to continually being pushing to go one louder. If you can't get behind the slaughter then this isn't for you, but if you want something gloriously blasphemous and a bit over the top, get ready to fall in love.

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