Chuck Schuldiner Project

Monday, February 25, 2019

Theories - Vessel

Man, I've been waiting a while for this one and by god does it deliver. Those in the know have been aware that Theories is one of the undergrounds most potent and hard hitting grindcore forces. They are a band who deliver hard and with a very real sense of bloodthirst. They're a fascinating band who manage to meld disparate aspects of the grind scene into something truly special. Nevertheless they maintain strong ties to the world of DIY and create music that is, above all, refreshingly human. their latest offering, Vessel is a fucking monster.

The thing that really makes this record special to me is the way that it seamlessly blends two disparate sides of the genre. While the bands songwriting is frequently much more focused on more modern grind tropes with oppressive ideas and crushing hints at melody, the drums specifically the toms, feel almost retro. It creates this really interesting fusion of a modern grindcore aesthetic with something that could have been pulled out of the 80's DIY grindcore scene. It makes the record feel incredibly real and down to earth in its conception, the kind of thing that can't help but to fascinate the listener.

This record is like a perfect blend of old and new and it knows it. There are some truly massive and fascinating sounds here. It's an album that is going to draw you in, spit you and make you choke on the bitter pill of its stripped down reality. A fucking heavy as hell record that will crush all posers, Vessel is the sort of album that brings a band to the next step. With this release it feels like Theories have at last come to represent the sort of brilliant and forward thinking grind the world needs without losing sight of their collective past.

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