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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Armagedda - Ond Spiritism

Those in the know already familiar with Armagedda, a Swedish black metal band who both worshiped at the altar of true black metal masters like Darkthrone but who also presaged the spiritual black metal movement. They have always been a band with a deeply powerful emotive side to them. Now, it is my honor to get to revisit the fifteenth anniversary re-issue of their essential third album, Ond Spiritism the record where their early potential seemed to come together to craft something truly magical. 

This is the sort of black metal record you can get lost in. While it might have a monochromatic facade there are a lot of layers to dig into. devout fans will be enamored by the meditative components of this record. There are touches of bombast even withing the darkest elements of the record. The deeper you delve into Ond Spiritism the more clear that it becomes that Armagedda were among the best of the best. On this final full length statement they fascinated and hinted at so much more to come. It makes for an intense listening experience of the sort that is a pleasure to come back too time and time again. 

You are going to find yourself drawn into the infectious grooves of this band and the intensely personal magic The gasps for air on a track like Doden Styr Livet speak to the bands ability to take something otherworldly and make it far too real. More than just some kids banging away on Darkthrone worship though, Ond spiritism acts as a powerful endcap to the traditional second wave of black metal whilst paving the way for many bands to come. Engaging, deeply powerful and insisting you go one layer deeper, this one is a delight to revisit. 

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  1. Mayhem. Darkthrone, Emperor. Etc etc... All unbelievably awesome bands. But when I'm sitting up late, late at night, deciding what album I'm going to spin on the turntable I invariably choose an Armageda album. Doesn't matter which one, they all fit the bill. The review mentioned getting lost in the record and I couldn't agree more. Every single album created by these musical geniuses takes me to audio Nirvana! Meditative, trancelike, hypnotic, whatever adjective you wish to use, that is the aura each and every one of their albums create in my mind when I listen to them. Ond Spiritism shows how little their creative powers how dwindled from their last album. A perfect bridge over a seventeen year abyss. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one bands albums to listen to, it would be Armagedda's, without a doubt.