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Monday, March 11, 2019

Okilly Dokilly - Howdilly Twodilly

I know it elicits groans from die hards, but honestly, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for comedy metal. I think that on some fundamental level so much of my interest in music is due to Weird Al Yankovic. Meaning that any bands I enjoy otherwise owe something to that, and if I can't enjoy bands who carry on his proud tradition then what am I even doing? So we dig into the sludgy magic of Howdilly Twodilly the latest offering from Okilly Dokilly, the Ned Flanders themed metal band. Yes it is good. Yes I love it. Deal with it.

When I got into the Simpsons I was a teenager in France so a lot of the Flanderisms take me a minute or two to get because I need to translate them in my head. The thing is, the concept is strong and the bands execution is such that it crosses any cultural boundary. There are a lot of silly moments on this record and moments where the music seems to completely jump the shark. That being said, the slower and crushing moments of this band and the excellence in the overall execution suggests that Okilly Dokilly are a helluva lot more than meets the eye. Rather than just trying to get a snicker or two this is a legitimately great band.

So yeah, this band proved that they could go beyond the usual one off trope that most of these comedy bands fall into. They proved that they are a veritable force to be reckoned with and one who seem too have a clear understanding of how they want to move forward. They are living the dream, though surely not in the way they imagined it growing up. This is a potent record and one that hints at great things to come from the band, but also one that truly impresses with the depth of Simpsons knowledge. Dig it.

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