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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Brant Bjork - Jacoozzi

So if you told me I was going to really enjoy a record that was Brant Bjork playing a bunch of different instruments layered on top of each other to jam with himself I probably would have laughed in your face. I mean that's not exactly a concept for a record that is going to blow me away. I really wasn't thinking that this would be for me. And yet here we are - I fucking love it. Gleaned from some almost forgotten studio sessions, Jaccoozzi is an incredibly natural feeling work that speaks to the greatness of Bjork as a musician.

This is a record that, while at times meandering, is meditative in its meandering. It's a record that understands the natural ebb and flow of the music and speaks to the power of desert rock. These tracks are pretty much wholly instrumental, and they really act as a sort of exploration into who Brant Bjork is as a musician and the different sounds which he has mastered over the years. It makes for compelling and frequently weird listening that is hard to really put into words. It's part of the magic of Brant Bjork that he is able to make this work and instead of sounding masturbatory, it sounds like he's turned on to some next level shit.

I can guarantee that you are going to get lost in this record, even from the first track, the psyched out journey that is Can't Outrun the Sun. Jaccoozzi is a self aware and trippy voyage into outer space and once that doesn't demand the listeners full attention and devotion as much as it slowly earns it. With the potential to leave you mesmerized and completely enamored, Brant Bjork is unleashing mystical stoner rock from outer space. The sort of stuff you can't help but sink your teeth into out of raw fascination.

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