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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dalek - Respect To The Authors

Dalek have always been one of those distinctly weird bands who seem to ride the lightning between a broad variety of sounds, and somehow make it work. Rather than sounding like a deranged hodgepodge they are a band who focus on transcendent and dark vibes. While the music is rooted in hip hop, the band brings a lot more to the table. This is music that is distinctly weird and will raise questions. It's music that is going to confuse the listener and demand your full attention as you try to wrap your head around it.

Intentionally dense, this twelve inch EP is a tour exclusive that will go along with the bands dates in Europe around Roadburn. It might seem weird to the uninitiated that Dalek would be going out to play such an esoteric festival, but the kings of alt hip hop are a perfect fit. The weird and twisted vibes that come out with every component of Respect To The Authors speaks to just how powerful this duo is. With rhymes bouncing off each other continually hinting at much more urban roots, the record is drenched in powerful atmospheres. This is a hip hop record that the most devout black metal fan could get lost in.

Esoteric in its own way and unafraid to lead the listener down all sorts of twisted paths Dalek have done something here that can both make your skin crawl and bring a smile to your face. If you are willing to embrace the weirdness, it's fascinating to hear the level of creativity these Jersey boys are able to bring decades into their career. Borrowing from all sides of the electronic spectrum and continually pushing towards darker depths, Respect To The Authors is a mesmerizing listen that you don't want to miss.

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