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Friday, March 8, 2019

Cirith Gorgor - Sovereign

Cirith Gorgor have long been viewed as the Netherlands great entry into the world of black metal. This is a band who operate in absolutes, pure fucking black metal slaughter. Their music has been punishing listeners since the mid 90s, these Hammerheart Records signees capture the magic of the black metal slaughtercult. Their latest offering, Sovereign speaks to the overarching bombastic power of the band as they look back on 23 years of slaughter, and seem to beckon towards the future thirsty for more.

Sovereign comes out with a sense of well deserved swagger. It's a record that is dastardly and over the top. There are moments of extreme brutality that draw me in but also a sense of self awareness that keeps me coming back for more. This is black metal as it was meant to be, gloriously blasphemous, in your face and utterly punishing. Sovereign is a record that seems to lap up the blood of the innocent and eagerly go out for more. Hammerheart Records has always specialized in this breed of heavy repugnance, and Cirith Gorgor seem eager to ad another gem to their crown with this latest offering.

Balancing vicious riffs with dark melodies and even the occasional guitar solo, Sovereign is a fascinating listen. I like black metal records that give you a lot to sink your teeth into, and Cirith Gorgor deliver exactly that. This is a record that seems to ebb and flow, which takes advantage of its deep emotional intensity but never tries to overwhelm the listener. The sort of album that you are almost encouraged to get lost in, Sovereign is a treat for the senses and a testament to the might of Dutch black metal!

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