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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Necrosexual - Gory Hole

Regular readers know that I'm a huge fan of the slayer of posers, the drinker of boxed wine and the grimmest of them all - The Necrosexual. His brand of in your face and powerful black metal mixed with tongue in cheek delivery has always made for compelling listening. As opposed to many other bands that make fun of the tropes of the genre, Gory Hole is in fact one of the most triumphant black metal releases I have heard all year. The bands over the top brand of blackened thrash metal is vicious and makes for addictive listening.

Blasting forward with a bloodthirsty passion, Gory Hole speaks to all that makes aggro black metal great in 2019. While there are certainly moments where the execution feels a bit lacking, that in many ways just adds to the overall magic of the record. Necrosexual is unveiling a type of black metal that isn't supposed to be picture perfect .It's not meant to be meditative or fun. Instead it pulls on more blasphemous traits of the genres second or even first wave to craft something that is vicious and unafraid to go for the throat. With a meaty growl contrasting against King Diamond-esque falsettos Gory Hole will mesmerize throughout.

Balancing doom laden riffs with high powered solos and with increasingly refined songwriting, this record is a massive step forward from what the band accomplished on their debut, Grim-1. Things seem more tightly honed than ever before and more prone to poser slaying violence. Addictive, fast and unapologetic this is self aware black metal at its finest. You are going to find yourself raising the horns and screaming along with these vomit soaked anthems. While this may not be the most intense black metal record you hear all year, it certainly is the one that will have you lapping up the most blood!

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