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Friday, March 22, 2019

These Beasts - S/T

Now this is a nifty one. Thick and buzzing, These Beasts are the sort of uber angry and just a tad over the top stoner rock band who can't help but to fascinate. Coming out on Magnetic Eye records with their debut EP, it's hard not to be mesmerized by the larger than life sounds of These Beasts. This is a record that is extremely angry, but never seems to feel the need to go fast to express it. Instead you find yourself reveling in a sort of latent crushing heaviness. A sense that the entire world could come apart and you wouldn't even notice it.

What gets me about this record is how immaculately put together it is. None of the songs drag on. They all fit into the same general mold and the record finishes leaving you wanting more. It's not a record that seems to overthink itself. Instead it's one that is brilliant in its execution and very aware of its goals. The driving rhythms are fascinating and keep you riveted to your seat. Meanwhile the warm guitar tone is enough to keep even the snobbiest guitar nerd scraping their jaw off the floor. Sure this is a debut release with edits that need to be made, but as far as initial ululations go, this is a truly impressive one.

There is a very real sense of drive here, an almost Clutch-esque attack that keeps me coming back. These Beasts is delicious to pick apart and keeps offering the listener more. It's the sort of record that you can't help but to fall in love with because every step brings you higher to some sort of ultimate sonic peak. These guys are clearly scene veterans and the tightness with which they put together their music suggests a lot was left on the cutting room floor - which I love. Deep, thoughtful and punishing, this is a stoner rock record that acts as a full body experience.

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