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Friday, March 15, 2019

Nighnacht - Christophila

Nighnacht - now there is a sick name for a band. When you find out that the legendary Nunslaughter vocalist, Don of the Dead is also involved well then - there's no reason to turn down the blasphemy! there debut seven inch, Christophila is a wonderfully blasphemous spit in the face of god. This is twisted and evil of the kind you've expected to hear from MR. of the Dead and it hints at an exciting future for a well put together and in many ways strangely addictive band. yes it's death metal slaughter, but it's death metal slaughter done right.

Primitive and punishing, Nighnacht speaks to sort of the inherent bitterness within us all. While perhaps a little bit less... bloodthirsty than Nunslaughter, Christophila seems to certainly showcase a twisted side to both Don of the Dead's work and the genre as a whole. There are some truly vile moments here like on the track Crippled Traitor which reflects on the punk infused fucked up magic of Nighnacht's oeuvre. What gets me most though is the slowed down torment on a track like Agony. It really speaks to the bands ability to slowly pull you into the grave and make you regret any hope you may have had of escape.

Cramming five tracks onto a seven inch for twelve minutes of madness, Christophila is blasphemous and powerful. There are some massive sonic auras on this one and Nighnacht prove that they are going to be another triumphant set of devil worshippers from Ohio. Their home region has been through a lot in the past few decades and the stripped down evil of the band really reflects that inherent madness. Through a storm of suffering and addiction, Christophila comes plowing through ready to crush your head in.

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