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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hold Me Down - S/T

Powerful, raw and at times downright terrifying, Hold Me Down is a new project fusing members of the bands American and With Sympathy. This is a record that is epic in scope whilst never losing sight of its DIY underpinnings. Hold Me Down maybe a mere EP, but the breadth of its vision is exciting and hints at so much more to come for this post-industrial act. There are some truly grandiose and potent sonic conjurings here and it is hard not to be fascinated by the overwhelming power of what the band has executed.

Infusing their brand of industrial metal with black metal, dark ambient, harsh noise and even power electronics, this is a record that sounds downright miserable. Building on the influences of titans in the genre, but going far more extreme and weird than any of them, Hold Me Down is creating industrial music for a new generation of fan. This is terrifying and gut wrenching music that speaks to the inherent nihilism of the style. It's a record that is going to beat you over the head, not just with volume and guitar tone but also its punishing emotional breadth. It makes for demented listening that is hard to get away from.

At times ethereal and at others a veritable punch to the gut, Hold Me Down hints at great things to come. There are moments here where the band completely phases out, leaving you to almost reflect on your own solitude. Then suddenly you spin on a dime and feel the sort of build up that only leads to a kick in the teeth. While by no means a perfect record, as an opening salvo this is certainly one for the ages. It hints at a clearly defined but grandoise sound that goes above and beyond what one might expect. Dig in.

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