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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Vortex Of End - Ardens Fvror

This is a monster. Fusing The Body-esque vocals with old school black metal riffing and touches of artsier music, Ardens Fvror is a masterful record. It's a testament to the screaming power of black metal but also its ability to embrace diverse sounds and become greater than the sum of its parts .It makes sense that a record with this sort of alacrity and clarity of mind would come out on Osmose Productions. It's an album that will haunt the listener the deeper you delve and soon draw you into all sorts of mind melting altered states.

In some ways I simply love the glorious satanism of this record. The stand out example is the ominous cry of 'Six, Six, Six!' on the album closer, Satvrnian Ascension. There are a lot of aspects to this record that are kvlter than thou, but I kind of love it for that. Ardens Fvror is very aware of what it is and what it can accomplish when pushed to the furthest extreme. Ardens Fvror is an extremely ambitious record, but somehow it manages to consolidate all of this to a fairly straightforward listen that can be appreciated from the first, but with layers that would require a dozen spins to pick apart. With Ardens Fvror Vortex Of End separate themselves firmly from the pack.

This is a deeply emotional and fascinating record. It spits in the face of god and then claws its way to ever higher heights. It's hard to find an album these days that speaks so eloquently to the blasphemy of the human condition, and I can't help but to admire it for that. Ardens Fvror is grandiose in its approach, triumphantly so. To execute with this much bombast speaks to an insane amount of skill, and Vortex Of End bring all that and more here. I would not be surprised to see this dominating year end lists around the globe.

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