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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Devoid Of Thought - Cosmic Apoptosis

This is an absolutely fucking monster. I've been a fan of Caligari Records for a while now simply because of their ability to churn out top notch records and stay true to the underground. The furiously DIY aesthetic of some of these tracks is stunning. I can't help but to be mesmerized by the raw anger and crushing heaviness presented on their latest offering, Cosmic Apoptosis, a three song demo from heavyweights-in-the-making Devoid Of Thought. This is a record to sink your teeth into and which reminds us why we fell in love with death metal in the first place.

Kicking the album off with a massive 'BLECH' and then descending further into chaos from their, Devoid Of Thought is a masterfully executed death metal record. Despite its short run time it has high replayability - consistently speaking to the sheer magic of this record. The simple poetry of brutality behind the music is thrilling. Devoid Of Thought really thrive in crafting potent atmospheres that make you feel as if you are in hell being dragged apart, limb from limb. The touches of thrash metal only seem to accentuate the mosh worthy madness that has made this record so much fun. Aping all manner of titans, Cosmic Apoptosis is music to beat your head into a wall too.

This is the sort of record that is almost impossible to turn off. It has the guttural aural punishment that makes nerds like me unable to look away. Cosmic Apoptosis revels in its own brutality but also the simplicity of its sonic hatred. It's not a record that treats the listener kindly, but it is incredibly addictive. I've always been a fan of the three song death metal EP just because of how it feels like spinning it one more time is not too much of an investment. Devoid Of Thought double down on this and keep me mesmerized from the first.

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