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Friday, April 12, 2019

Molasses - Mourning Haze/Drops Of Sunlight

It's been truly interesting to see all of the great art that has come out of the untimely end of The Devil's Blood and their truly not of this world guitarist, Selim Lemouchi. This latest project, Molasses is going to take form at Roadburn this weekend and will be followed up with the release of the twelve inch I'm covering right now, Mourning Haze/Drops Of Sunlight. A powerful and deeply emotional psych rock record this is the sort of thing that you can't quite wrap your head around because it just seems to keep getting better.

Van Records has deservedly built up a reputation as one of the worlds greatest tastemaker labels over the last decade. It makes sense that their unique vision would tap into what is happening here with Mourning Haze/Drops Of Sunlight. The sterling approach behind this twelve inch is inherently fascinating and it points to a band who promise to be nothing short of transcendent. There is something not just masterful, but mind expanding about Molasses approach on this release. While it is only a debut the band decry for themselves vast sonic vistas which they can unveil and deeply engage with time and time again.

This record is a delight to listen too. Long enough that you start to get a real sense for the scope of the sound that Molasses want to embrace but short enough that it actively encourages repeat listenings. These two songs are delightful, jam filled visions of a proggy future. Actively flaunting the musicians chops and leaning on fun improvisations, Mourning Haze/Drops Of Sunlight will deeply engage the listener and drive them towards the deep end of psych rock absolution. Punishingly heavy and wonderfully weird, in death there is life.

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