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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Slomatics - Canyons

In some ways the Slomatics are the unsung heroes of the downtuned heavy rock scene that has come to dominate underground metal today. A major influence on doom metal heroes Conan, Slomatics have consistently built a name for themselves around all that is heavy. With crushing riffs and a devastating bottom end, Canyons is a record that pushes the band ever further beyond the outer limits. There is something otherworldly and powerful about the sound here, a significant growth upon past releases.

Infusing their trademark heaviness with far prettier touches, Canyons unveils the bands most massive soundscapes to date. There is a sort of overpowering majesty to this record that seems to continually push the band ever higher. Tracks like Mind Fortress On Theia are absolutely mesmerizing. The overall execution here, fifteen years into the bands career is stronger than ever. Wonderfully fuzzy and almost overwhelming in its beauty, Canyons continually fascinates and pushes towards new heights. It's this very inherent bombast that has me coming back, continually excited about what Slomatics will do next.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't expect this record to be such a huge step forward for the band. But here we are. Not only have they dramatically upped their game but they seem to have taken these new steps with aplomb. Coming off as wonderfully self aware there is a certain inherent geeky magic to this offering that has me enchanted. Canyons is a fascinating listen and one that repeatedly outdoes itself. You wouldn't normally expect a fuzz metal band looking at their third decade of activity to be pushing boundaries - but here we are. Dig the fuck in.

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