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Monday, April 15, 2019

Duel - Valley of Shadows

I've been a fan of Duel for a good few years now. Their work in the stoner rock scene is incredibly impressive and it has really felt that since the release of 2017's Witchbanger that the band has started t broach a new level. This latest offering, Valley of Shadows is a sort of coming of age of the band. This is a much deeper and more thought out release from the stoner rockers. While it maybe a fair bit artsier it also is a huge step in the right direction. Bringing in a diverse array of elements Duel never lose sight of the gritty stoner rock at their core.

This is a record that is through and through exciting to listen too. It has all sorts of wild ass rock and roll moment.s It also has big choruses you can shout along too. Concurrent to all this however is the simple poetry of the band. The way that they are bringing in new layers of melody, even from the first, the fairly daring Black Magic Summer. There are few bands in the world of stoner rock who communicate this same level of joy and raw energy but also potent emotion. There are few bands who get the fundamental power this music can hold. Chock full of fun guitar solos and rhythmic boogies, Valley Of Shadows is a hell of a good time.

Duel have really brought it to a bold new frontier on this record. They bring in poppier elements to be sure, but I think that's what a lot of us wanted out of this band. The way that they swagger forth, grooves swaying and rhythms breaking is delightful. It reflects a larger trend in stoner rock, away from the stoner and more towards the rock. Duel are heavy music to crack your skull and make you love 'em while its happening - so dig in!

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  1. "This is a record that is through and through exciting to listen to." That is a perfect summation of this album. My first listen I was thinking "this has to be the best track", only to be blown away by the next.