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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Vaura - Sables

This is not what I expected from Vaura, the post metal cum new wave super group. Featuring members of Kayo Dot, Tombs, Azar Swan, Gorgut and Dysrhythmia, Vaura is a truly 'different' act. This latest offering Sables was six years in the making and produced by the legendary Peter Walsh. Whereas previous releases from the band were very much heavy post metal affairs, this record seems to owe more to Talk Talk. For me personally this is a truly potent and thrilling release. It speaks to the greatness of the band and seems to continually push the band to new heights.

I am deeply in love with the massive sonic landscapes painted here and the groups dedication to overarching and potent soundworlds. The glorious poetry of these arrangements is fascinating and drives me ever deeper into the underground. This is a band who don't seem to limit themselves to the standard tropes of the genre but who instead embrace its inherent madness. Sables is a truly beautiful record and one that seems very aware of its own internal twists and turns. The more you dig into what Vaura are about here the more you will become enamored. This is a band who truly understand the power of their music and want to double down on what makes them fascinating.

Sables is the sort of thing that you are pretty much guaranteed to get lost in. They are a band who seem to constantly push for new horizons and who fascinate the listener. There is something that is undeniable delightful about Vaura here - this is musicians at the top of their game putting together some truly next level stuff. Sables speaks to their ability to keep moving forward, expand their sound and work together to become true masters of their craft. This is a hard one to not be fascinated by and it reminds us there is growth from this barren earth.

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