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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Worshipper - Light In The Wire

There's a trend lately in heavy rock to shift more from the stoner side of things and more towards the world of straight hard rock. The Uncle Acid by way of Thin Lizzy inspired sounds of Worshipper appear to be a perfect indicator of this. Light In The Wire is a massive sounding rock album. The warm guitar tones and expansive production of this record are mesmerizing. They will draw you in and keep you entranced. It's rare to find a rock band who understand the nature of the genre so profoundly, but here we are.

Fusing elegant jams with powerful choruses and basing it all on a solid bed of riffs, Light In The Wire is a truly engaging listen. In a world of heavy rock where tracks so often feel out of place or confused, Worshipper manage to create something with a clear artistic vision. The sense of forward momentum that defines this record is thrilling, it continually speaks to the bands ability to drive for something greater. The transcendent power and simple poetry of these tracks, balancing in your face riff rock with melodic guitar playing is at times stunning. Sure Worshipper are a young band still coming into their own, but this is still an impressive effort.

The further the band strays from the staid tropes of the past decade the stronger they seem. These tracks show a deep understanding of the modern rock aesthetic. Like I said, the band that Worshipper are perhaps most similar too is Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, but they push it so much further than that. Light In The Wire is a dynamic and fun listen. It's a record that encourages us to keep delving and fall ever more in love. This is a thrilling offering and one that I don't think I will soon forget. The ball is rolling for Worshipper, lets see what happens next.

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