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Friday, April 26, 2019

Nocturnus AD - Paradox

Y'know - I never truly thought it was happening until it hit my inbox, a new Nocturnus album. Sure it's under the Nocturnus AD moniker but still, this is the successor to one of the great death metal bands of the 90s. Building on the bands penchant for creepy and transcendent death metal, Paradox is a truly potent release. Pieced together by founder and mastermind Mike Browning this is a mesmerizing record and one that has me completely in awe. It's a wonderful addition to Nocturnus's noble legacy.

This is a twisting and turning record. It has all of the strange and off kilter trademarks that made Nocturnus AD such a good band in the first place. Paradox is a death metal record that demands multiple listens. The wonderfully dated sounding synths couch this entire thing in the 90s aesthetic but the general approach is wonderfully forward thinking. Rather than getting caught up in the myths of yesteryear, Nocturnus AD seem to continually be pushing forward. Though a lot of their aesthetic and approach is certainly rooted in 90s death metal, Nocturnus AD have carved out a sound here that is leagues ahead of their peers.

There is something inherently fun and mystifying about having a new Nocturnus record in 2019. It's not something I would have ever expected but it feels right. The balls out assault of these songs is thriling as is there willingness to sink back into prog stereotypes. It's crazy to think how far ahead of their time Nocturnus were in 1990 when The Key came out. This is a fascinating listen and one that I'm sure I will be coming back too time and time again. Perfectly balancing nostalgia with forward thinking audacity, Paradox is a stone cold stunner.

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