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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Denial Of God - The Shapeless Mass

Let's just say that I wasn't expecting to hear a new mini-album from Denial Of God today.  For the uninitiated, Denial Of God is one of the seminal, if not THE seminal Danish black metal band. Sharing members with Apollyon and Ad Noctum, these guys have laid out a legacy of torment across three decades. With four tracks on this EP, two of them covers and another a re-recording of a classic, the black horror metallers are back. The Shapeless Mass serves to prepare the ground for the first new full length in seven years from the underground titans.

What Osmose Productions and Hells Headbangers have teamed up with Denial Of God to do on The Shapeless Mass is point towards the future of the band without forgetting their roots. I mean, as sick as the sole new track on the record is, it's also sick to hear these legends dropping covers of acts like Exumia and Bathory. It shows that even now, decades in the band hasn't just stayed true to their roots but in some ways become even more familiar with them. It's a huge part of what makes Denial Of God such a titanic group. As they delve into twisted emotional hellscapes it becomes increasingly clear, these black metal freaks still lust for blood.

Denial Of God have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are on track to release one of their most potent albums to date. As crazy as it might sound that the band is looking at only their third full length in twenty eight years of existence it is most assuredly worth it. Denial Of God is a black metal band of the true old school. They don't need to conform to tropes because they helped to shape them. Their obsession with horror tropes and twisted song structures only serves to endear the devout listener. Join the kvlt, you won't regret it.

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