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Monday, May 27, 2019

Primitive Man - Steel Casket

I, like so many other young men of my generation, am completely enamored with Primitive Man. Though yes, forty five minutes of harsh noise might not normally be my cup of tea, when delivered by Primitive Man with my friends over at Crown and Throne Ltd I kind of have to give it a go. Steel Casket, the latest offering from the Denver brutes is truly oppressive, twisted and fascinating. It's a harsh noise record that ensconces you in wicked sounds and enslaves you to the pulsating filth that lurks within us all.

From brooding beginnings to anxiety inducing hell, Steel Casket is a horrifying listen. It's a record that continually buzzes its way through your psyche, slowing eroding your sanity. The harsh and oppressive vibes of these tracks is going to keep you up through the night. There is something distinctly discomfiting about the approach on this record. The deeper you delve, through demented drones and freakish twists and turns the more clear it becomes that this is music meant to drive you to the brink. It forces the listener to come face to face with their darkest emotions and strive to come out the other end somehow intact.

As cascading waves of sound crash around you the to tracks that make up this LP become increasingly horrifying. There is almost a Lovecraftian terror that defines the tortured assault of Steel Casket. It's a record that repeatedly beats the listener over the head with not just volume but skin crawling noises. In some ways it feels like a natural heir to the legacy of Lou Reed's classic, Metal Machine Music. Steel Casket is a weird one to be sure, a dense listen that is not for the uninitiated, but if you take the journey you shall be well rewarded.

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