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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kapala - Termination Apex

There is something to be said for the raw and unadulterated blasphemy of metal coming out in emerging markets. Termination Apex, the latest offering from the Indian blasphemers in Kapala is yet another great example of this. The grandiose sounds and tortured vomiting of this uncompromising and thoroughly twisted volume of work makes Termination Apex a masterful and spellbinding release. It is the sort of demented black metal that keeps us coming back, and grasping at our very sanity.

With elements of grindcore, harsh noise and so much more throughout, Termination Apex fascinates more because of its dedication to a stripped back and twisted sound than anything else. Herein lies a record that is truly oppressive and hard to listen too. It's as if the band set out to make sure only those of us who have truly devoted ti e to the genre would be even interested in getting through it. The raw chaos embodied here with the band barely staying together and production buzzing away is in many ways a turn off. Yet that's exactly what keeps me coming back. This is a band who truly don't give a fuck and are uncompromising in their vision.

In some ways, Termination Apex is a record that is going to make you uncomfortable. If you aren't already familiar with the world of brutal and raw black metal then you are not going to understand Kapala in the slightest. However if you're the kind of person who likes their metal reeking of maggots, warfare and desperation then Kapala have put together something for you. Intense, heavy and at times terrifying in its scope, this is a fucked up record for fucked up people and I can't look away.

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