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Friday, May 24, 2019

Trench Warfare - Hatred Prayer

I've had my eyes on Trench Warfare for a while now. There blackened death metal assault is oppressive and over the top. In some ways it represents all the best that the TXDM scene has to offer. This sort of bloodthirsty and go for the throat death metal is addictive. It's powerful and in your face, wiling to plow you over with raw swagger. Their debut full length, Hatred Prayer comes after years of hard work. It's a massive sounding record from a band who seem determined to crack skulls across the globe.

The unrelenting grooves and chainsaw guitars of Hatred Prayer tattoo a rhythm of violence into your ears. The band refuses to let up, instead ensconcing the listener with riff after riff. These songs are endlessly exciting, unafraid to toss in a few rock and roll pick slides or guitar solos. All in all though, Hatred Prayer deals in hyper speed riffs that leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. I might even go so far as to describe this as raw black metal played with a death metal attitude. The blazing assault of a track like Spare No Wrath is a perfect example of the perpetual forward motion that makes this such a compelling listen.

With nods to thrash metal and hardcore roots tossed in intermittently, Hatred Prayer is a concentrated dose of extreme metal madness. The band has a clear sound and they stick to it. sure this isn't reinventing the wheel, but it's really fucking good extreme metal. Even as they tear through these songs you can see in your minds eyes countless long haired freaks windmilling obsessively to the sound of a band who seem destined to rip your face off. Hatred Prayer is the latest magic from Transcending Obscurity Records, prepare your soul.

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