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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Stone Machine Electric - Darkness Dimensions Disillusion

I've covered Stone Machine Electric in the past and was very much impressed with the overarching vision of the band. Their latest offering, Darkness Dimensions Disillusion is very much a growth on that. It's an ambitious record that seems to borrow from a variety of soundworlds ranging from Neurosis to Crowbar by way of stoner rockers like Mothership. The sheer scope of the sound that they are able to create as just a two piece is pretty impressive too. It speaks to the creativity of this dynamic duo.

With four songs ranging across nearly forty minutes, Darkness Dimensions Disillusion certainly seeks to take you on a journey. It has potent synth padding and heavy guitars. At times though it feels like it's a journey that ebbs a bit more than it flows. While this is certainly a record you can get lost in, I also feel like some of these songs could definitely be a bit shorter. I also admit my own bias, I've never been much a fan of the spacier side of the stoner rock spectrum. The thing is, when Darkness Dimensions Disillusion really gets going, it gets fucking going, and I just want more of that. It makes for a truly exciting listen at its best, like on the shortest track, Circle. It's just a question of getting to the musical peaks for the payoff.

The slow throbs and dramatic, almost post rock inspired crescendos of these songs are exciting and continually hint at new heights the ban could be taking. I want to see them pull it together in a way that is a little more virile and offers more of the musical climaxes that they seem to so elegantly execute. With massive guitar tones and cavernous drums, Stone Machine Electric routinely impress with the breadth of the sound. I'm excited to hear this get even tighter and speak to the true power the band brings.

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