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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess

Those in the know realize that 20 Buck Spin is basically the best death metal label in the world at this point. With every release they seem to continue to knock it out of the park with emotionally powerful and exciting death metal that just about anybody can get stoked on. This latest offering, Steeping Corporeal Mess from the guys in Fetid is just another step in their legacy of violence. It's a death metal record that crushes bones and takes no prisoners. Instead you will find yourself drowning in waves of sonic punishment. 

Steeping Corporeal Mess is a record that simply refuses to let up. The chainsaw guitars and punishing Entombed worshipping riffs keep you entranced from start to finish. Coming from the same school as acts like Undergang and Cerebral Rot, Fetid are one of the truly great acts in the world of modern underground death metal. Every track seems to drive them further over the top and the devastating gut punch of these records seems determined to leave even the most weathered death metal elitist clawing at their hair. Steeping Corporeal Mess is a five track sonic beatdown with infinite replayability. 

This new wave of old school death metal that we have been witnessing for the last five years is completely fascinating. There is so much to sink your teeth into here, even though the record has a fairly short run time. The more you delve into this bloodbath the more you will see that Fetid are death metal kings of their generation. A stunningly mature release for a band who only formed two years ago, 20 Buck Spin have once more found a diamond in the rough. Watch out for these Pacific Northwest madmen to come crack skulls near you! 

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