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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Yawning Man - Macedonian Lines

Yawning Man have been a truly special band for me for a long ass time. That being said, I haven't been consistently sold on their output, especially in recent years. However this latest offering, Macedonian Lines is a truly potent record. Not only is it one of their most expertly composed works to date, but it seems to continually raise the profile of the band to bold new levels. the execution here is flawless and their understanding of the post rock meets desert rock milieu is absolutely stunning through and through.

Shortly into the first song you're already scraping your jaw off the floor. not because of any sort of instrumental flourishes but rather just because the band has reached a point in their tone that you can't help but to feel ensconced. I know that this band always was able to draw you into their warm and fuzzy world of amps, but this is on another level. The way that yawning Man are painting images in the desert sands here is utterly otherworldly. These songs outline vast landscapes and potent worlds. These are the sounds of a generation lost to mankind who has sought salvation with drugs, riffs and a hell of a lot of volume.

Macedonian Lines is a record that shines through as a complete art piece. It jumps from peak to peak with grace and class. When the closing notes ring out you feel yourself having come to an end of the journey with the band. This is one of Yawning Man's prettiest and most truly post rock derived offerings to date, but that's a huge part of what makes it such a thrilling listen. Macedonian Lines sounds utterly massive throughout and it's hard not to be enraptured with the ebb and flow here. Turn on, tune in and drop the fuck out.

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