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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Full Of Hell - Weeping Choir

In an ever changing metal landscape few things remain the same. One of the things that does seem to stay consistent though is the fact that Full Of Hell is an absolute motherfucker of a band. Their latest offering, the utterly stunning, Weeping Choir is eleven tracks of noise meets grind meets death metal madness. It's hard not to get lost in the crushing soundscapes and overwhelming paeans to brutality. Full Of Hell go well above and beyond on Weeping Choir in a way that is so uniquely them that longtime fans can't help but be enamored with their sonic assault.

The band has been hard at it for years now. Weeping Choir is sort of the endcap on a decade of releases. Though this is probably one of their more metal releases to date it maintains the same burning intensity that made their initial output so addictive. This is continually a band who seem to deeply understand not just hardcore but also what needs to come next in the genre. When I first saw Full Of Hell years ago all I could think was 'This is the new Minor Threat.' Now as they continue to put out punishing genre smashing albums it seems more clear than ever that Full Of Hell are deserving of their place in the grindcore pantheon.

So yes, Weeping Choir is fast and vicious. It is one of Full Of Hell's most punishing releases yet. It's short, addictive and demanding. What more could you want from a band who built their name on all of those things. Yet it's not only that. Weeping Choir proves that Full Of Hell remain a cut above their peers. It's proof that they are a forward thinking band who can absorb a variety of influences and use it to cut out a devastating piece of music that legions of grindcore fans will remains obsessed with for decades to come.

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