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Thursday, June 6, 2019

An Isolated Mind - I'm Losing Myself

What I love about extreme music is its ability to make the listener feel truly uncomfortable. It's rare that I find a record that really fucks with me on a fundamental level. This is a record that gets under my skin, because so often the music on I'm Losing Myself reflects what's going on under my skin. An Isolated Mind is a death/doom project with a post metal sensibility. There is chaos in the overarching prettiness and prettiness in the vast chaos of this record. It's a weird listen and one that is guaranteed to haunt you.

The scope of I'm Losing Myself is vast, at times too vast. The occasionally schizophrenic nature of the record is in keeping with its themes of mental health, but at times leaves me a little confused. In particular the extended outtro on I've Lost Myself has me grasping for answers. This all being said, the overarching madness of the album when combined with a very clear search for inner peace makes it incredibly relatable. Though there are myriad elements wandering in and out of every side of this listening experience, I'm Losing Myself really makes its name on the grander vision that is being presented here.

It's rare that I've found a record that so nicely reflects my mental state. The sheer discomfort of some of these tracks almost forces me into some unholy parody of motion. There is an incredibly personal side to this record that makes it at times almost painful to listen too. This all being said, it's such an intimate look into the artist that it can actually feel alien. This is part of what keeps me coming back to I'm Losing Myself though - the sheer fact that this is what the human condition looks like and this is why we must suffer.

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