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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Bloody Hammers - The Summoning

It's always interesting to find music that is as creepy and fucked up as this latest offering from Bloody Hammers. The rattling insanity and demented goth rock of their latest offering, The Summoning is powerful and otherworldly. The band pieces together deeply emotional and frequently hypnotic tracks that are multilayered and can't help but to entrance. The colossal sound this two piece conjures up oftentimes defies beliefs, but it speaks to just how much they have committed to being able to pull off, no matter the consequences.

There is a demented sense of forward momentum on The Summoning that continually puts it above and beyond its peers. This is a record that isn't just triumphant, but swaggering. It speaks to the groups continued ability to push further than before and drive towards bold new heights. In a crowded stoner rock scene, this band come out on top. Their gorgeous production has me completely in awe. Bloody Hammers aren't just completely aware of what they are embracing, they are pushing it to the logical extreme and it is delectable.

The more I try and pick apart The Summoning the more I enjoy. In particular the gothy keyboards that provide padding to the two piece assault are especially toothsome. It makes for a listening experience that is immersive. The band refuse to conform to any traditional limitations of being a two piece by embracing that backing track life. Even at their punkest moments there is a sense that The Summoning is bringing something different. Bloody Hammers have gone above and beyond here and I can't help but love it.

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