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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Holocausto - Diario De Guerra

Holocausto are one of the original, immaculate, legendary Brazilian extreme metal bands. Coming from the vaunted Belo Horizonte music scene alongside bands like Sepultura and Sarcofago, Holocausto are coming hard with unrelenting rage. The blasphemous assault found on their latest record, Diario De Guerra comes after fourteen years without a studio release. Though the band has been active in recent years I don't think that anyone was anticipating something delivering this level of primal intensity.

The subequatorial madmen are back up to their old tricks on Diario De Guerra. This is a record that routinely pushes the band further than they have ever gone before and stands as a sort of testament to all that makes Brazilian extreme music special. So yes there are moments where the razor wire production feels raw - but that's the point. Holocausto is special bcause they can't be bothered with the polish of their European peers Instead they are unleashing something that is unrelenting and evil. The go for the throat sense of bloodthirst that Holocausto so eagerly embrace here is somethign that will be praised for years to come.

Just listen to the demented outro of Pelotao De Morte. The twisted death bark comes out as a sort of blasphemy in the face off god. This is a record that is very aware of its primitive nature and embraces it, from the first you are thrown into eighties extreme metal style oppression. Diario De Guerra throws the listener into a sort of sonic meat grinder, routinely demanding that they suffer and beating the listeners head into the dirt. Holocausto have created with Diario De Guerra something that is a shocker through and through. So hop on in - the blood is fine!

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