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Friday, June 28, 2019

Blood Of Heroes - Symbolic Voices

Blood Of Heroes is one of those midwestern metal bands that seems to come from the grand tradition of acts like Slipknot. The focus here seems to be found in fusing the wide variety of sounds showcased by bands crisscrossing the region. Their debut offering, Symbolic Voices is an interesting start to their career .While nothing here particularly screams to me, it is certainly a serviceable metal record. In many ways it speaks to where the genre is in their region. While their vision is not totally clear, it certainly can be an interesting listen.

This being said there are a few points that limit my enjoyment of Symbolic Voices. The irst is that the execution o the vocals is not always on point. I'm not sold on them, and the focus on choruses of songs with titles like "Fucked Up Shit" or "Sometimes We Suffer" doesn't really speak to me. I get it though - what they are going for is certainly not for me, but they seem to understand what their market wants. I am certainly not their target market though, and I don't think that a lot of people in the sort of 'Decibel Metal' demographic are going to get what's being done on Symbolic Voices. This is a record that ties into a stripe of nu metal derived songwriting that I generally avoid.

Symbolic Voices is a groove metal record that, while it has its flaws in execution, still stands as a strong debut for Blood Of Heroes. While this is certainly not my cup of tea, I get where the band is coming from. If they tighten down their songs further and maybe tie into a few more ideas about what's started to come to the fore of the underground today I could see them doing something headturning. As is - if you're a fan of more conventional metal hitting the club circuit then you'll find something you dig here.

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