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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Let It Rot - The End Of Humanity

It's hard not to be enamored with metalcore coming out of the midwest right now. There are a ton of really solid bands many of whom are extremely disciplined and clearly pushing for something more. The latest band from this vibrant scene to come across my desk is Let It Rot, whose most recent offering, The End Of Humanity is a tight little EP that shows these guys have a ton of potential and if they can harness it right, proves they can become titans in their scene. The Michigan metalcore scene is rising, and this is just part of the wave.

While overall I really appreciate a lot of the ideas deployed by Let It Rot here I feel like certain elements on The End Of Humanity are lacking in execution. On the one hand they have moments like the intro to King Of Worms which is truly heavy and almost Suicide Silence-esque. It transitions into potent growls undercutting soaring cleans. It's great. Yet on the same record there are tracks that feel like they are underproduced or simply not given the love that they really deserved in the first place. Not all of the performances are where they need to be, which is frustrating because there are clearly some very good ideas at hand here.

Point being - there are some moments of brilliance here in a record that is very much an early effort from a band trying to come to terms with their own potential. I really like a lot of the ideas being put together here and watching them get polished over the next couple of years is going to be a real treat. The End Of Humanity is a fun listen, especially if you have been following metalcore for the last decade or so. The band clearly know what they are doing and have a very definite sound, know they just need to hone it.

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