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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Concrete Winds - Primitive Force

Rising from the ashes of Finland's Vorum is the blackened assault of Concrete Winds a band who blast forward with ferocious punk energy and a hatred that only comes from the darkest hearts. This metal punk assault is not only a thrilling and over the top listen but also a testament to what the Finnish scene has been doing in recent years. Primitive Force is a masterful record from a band who perfectly understand their black metal meets punk aesthetic.

There is a manic energy to Primitive Force that makes it an addictive listen. The screeching guitars on a track like White Cut Manifest speaks to the bands ability to conjure up some truly demented sounds. When you really let yourself sink into the madness of Primitive Force it becomes terrifyingly clear that this band is pulling this demented music straight from the heart. With every twist and turn the listener finds it increasingly difficult to find breath. Instead you are just gasping under a thrashy assault of power chord after power chord. Touching even on elements of black and roll through a primitive lens, Primitive Force is going to continually fascinate.

Blending Slayer with Venom, Mayhem with Nunslaughter, Concrete Winds make for a fun listen. There's a lot of really intense black metal coming out of Finland right now and this is another great addition to the canon. I've always loved this stuff for being blasphemous, in your face and a purveyor of endless suffering. Primitive Force repeatedly beats the listener over the head and it knows it. I love the swagger, in your face attitude and sheer grit that Primitive Force is hitting with. Unrelenting and over the top - this is primitive black metal at its finest.

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  1. Isn't the band Concrete Winds and the album Primitive Force?