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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pinkish Black - Concept Unification

As I sit on y front porch writing this review, the dark doom rock of Pinkish Black is the perfect soundtrack to another Brooklyn sunset. Their latest offering, Concept Unification is a masterful work. Their fourth record, it is also one of their most masterful to date. Every twist and turn that defines Concept Unification makes for a mesmerizing listening experience that seems to only get better with time. Pinkish Black have continually leapt to greater heights and plumbed deeper depths, and this record only brings that to the next logical step.

There is a multilayered sense of sonic poetry to Concept Unification. While the basic formula remains very much in the realm of what Pinkish Black have always been about, Concept Unification also eagerly leans into some of the bands more ambitious twists and turns. The goth twists on a track like Away Again are counterbalanced by a sense of minimalist pop songwriting. These are songs that you can get lost in. When Pinkish Black write a long song it's not a slog, but rather a Dante-esque journey through your own psyche. It's amazing how this band can take a fairly basic four note melody and turn it into the basis of something grandiose.

I'm not going to lie - before this record I'm not sure if I ever really got Pinkish Black. Now however I can't help but to fall in love. The synth driven masterworks that make this album so meaningful continually push their vision to bold new heights. Concept Unification is a tasteful advance for the band, not striking me ever as overbearing, but instead a statement of 'look how far we've come!' Burrowing into the glorious layers painted here is delightful, the gift that keeps on giving and hinting at a future that can't help but to fascinate.

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