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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Victims - The Horse And Sparrow Theory

Records like this remind me just how much I love Swedish d-beat. Though Victims do not hail from the legendary Malmo hardcore scene, these guys have been at it for quite a while, and this latest offering is one of their most potent to date There is a sense of transcendence to Victims' take on d-beat, that potent grooves and beautiful production on tracks like Revenge Of Our Fathers perfectly represents. Clocking in at just 28 minutes this is an intense listen that will drag you across a warehouse floor and beat you to a pulp.

With a clear political message driven by fears of climate change and our fucked up global political system, The Horse And Sparrow Theory is a thrilling listen. These are songs that capture the sheer rage of countless people across Western Europe and the USA right now and it continually gets me delving ever deeper into what has made this band so special over the years. Victims offer up something here that shows just how much work they have put into this project over the years and it's hard not to be entranced with just how polished this record is. In some ways they use The Horse And Sparrow Theory to elevate the dialog around d-beat as a whole.

Victims is a record driven by an ongoing sense of forward momentum. It's a record whose unforgiving rhythms are only counterbalanced by the looming sense of dread that defines their work .The squealing lead lines on the opening track, The Horse And Sparrow Theory, serves as a sort of hint at what the band is going to get at her.e It's rare to find a d-beat record that is this straight up fun to listen too, but the more time that I spend with The Horse And Sparrow Theory the more I love it and its fusion of mosh worthy riffs and key political statements.

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