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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thenighttimeproject - Pale Season

Y'know - I never would have anticipated a label like Debemur Morti putting out what is essentially a prog rock record, but here we are. Thenighttimeproject is a supergroup featuring current and former members of Katatonia, October Tide and The Lost Colony. Their debut offering, Pale Season is an emotionally powerful release benefiting from gorgeous production and some very well put together songs. In some ways a continuation on Fredrik and Mattias Norman's work in their fifteen years in Katatonia, Pale Season is a powerful listen.

Thenighttimeproject continues to fascinate because Pale Season embraces the lost moments in life. Those where we aren't operating at emotional extremes. This record is sort of a paean to the in betweens, the moments that we forget but that make so much of this life worth living. As you navigate the emotional journey that is Pale Season the more it becomes clear that Thenighttimeproject are tuned into some next level shit. This is a record that continually seeks new emotional depths and sits nicely alongside the work of their peers in bands like Haken or even Dream Theater.

I love this type of prog rock with all of its layers and goodness to sink your teeth into. Pale Season is very aware of its Porcupine Tree-esque expressiveness. The grandiose messaging of a track like Anti Meridian is guaranteed to get your head moving in time with the music. These are potent tunes, with solid rock licks being coated in glorious synthesizer ecstasy. Pale Season continues to impress simply because the band are tapped into a particular type of overarching beauty and emotional power that only prog rock can invoke.

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