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Monday, June 17, 2019

Wizard Rifle - S/T

It's crazy to me that I've been waiting five years for this Wizard Rifle record. Yet here we are. The noise rock cum psych thrash maniacs behind this band have always captured the imagination with a sound that is diverse to say the least. On their third offering, the eponymous Wizard Rifle, the band have crafted one of their most potent offerings to date. This is a record that is transcendent and powerful, which routinely seems to take the band to new heights and actually lives up to the ambitions of this crazed two piece.

It's easy to get lost in what Wizard Rifle bring to the table here. This is a record that basks in the glory of it s production, and while at times gets noodly seems to do so with the utmost sense of purpose. These songs are driven forth by Sam Ford's energetic drum performance. The overarching sense of momentum the band has serves to make this a record that you can't press pause on. Instead you will find yourself reveling in the dual vocals and digging deeper into the meaning behind the dense poetry of this bands sound. Wizard Rifle is a challenging listen at times, but it is also one that forces the listener to invest themselves into it.

I love the raw energy of Wizard Rifle. This is a band I once saw play a song live based around the idea that they would shotgun a beer with the audience halfway through. This is a band who capture the power of Americas neverending garage rock scene. This is a band who, for those devout to the truly weird sounds of rock and roll, will never fail to impress. In an age defined by boring stoner rock bands and glossy pop rock, Wizard Rifle are creating something gritty, in your face and at times transcendent.

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