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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ghrieving - Chimére De Hypnos

Vigor Deconstruct and Ascetic Visions are both very weird black metal labels. They are putting out some truly interesting stuff and seem to continually point towards the outer fringes of the genre. There is something wonderfully twisted and at times nightmarish about what is being done on Chimére De Hypnos. This one man project hails from Venezuela, a country that is undergoing some pretty dramatic shifts to say the least. The torment of that experience and the hatred embodied is wonderfully communicated on this oftentimes terrifying record.

There is something entrancing about Chimére De Hypnos. This record continually pushes the project to strange new heights, showing the singular vision that was only hinted at on the bands debut, Somniaprima. Though a mere sixteen minutes long, this EP plumbs the depths of human emotions and seems to tear at the very essence of what atmospheric black metal can be. There is a sense of being comfortable with ugliness that makes Chimére truly compelling. Add in the weird choruses that punctuate the second track, '...And The Sun Becomes Spectral...' and you start to get a sense for how twisted this project can be.

So yes, Chimére De Hypnos is lo fi and strange, sometimes to a fault. However if you are the kind of person looking to labels like Ascetic Visions and Vigor Deconstruct for new music then you probably aren't looking for something totally normal. As is, this is a potent listen, a record that hints at a ton of potential and which seems to craft very strange soundworlds that continually leave the listener transported to ever deeper hells. Ghrieving is a fucked up band from a fucked up place, and I can't turn it off.

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