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Friday, July 5, 2019

Besvarjelsen - Frost

With four records since 2015 it kind of shocks me that I hadn't previously been aware of Besvarjelsen. These heavy hitting Swedes deliver beautifully produced doom rock with lush soundscapes and terrifying vibes. This latest EP, the five song stomp that is Frost the band have lured me into their clutches. The overarching majesty of this record with its willingness to embrace everything from classic rock to trad doom and make it work as a part of a larger whole speaks to just how good Besvarjelsen have become in a fairly short amount of time.

Frost is a stone cold stunner simply in the vastness of what it embraces. These Blues Funeral Recordings signees have built something here that is perhaps most sonically comparable to Windhand. However with Frost they go off in a totally different direction. While the dark roots may remain the same, it feels like Besvarjelsen have eagerly embraced more rock and pop elements. This leads to moments that are, quite simply, anthemic. The undeniable poetry of a track like 'Past in Haze' is simply not something that you are going to get a lot of in doom metal in 2019, yet Besvarjelsen pull it off with aplomb.

A relatively short listen, Frost is addictive. In some ways the sheer polish demands you spin it multiple times. These five tracks are a sort of tour de force for the band concisely stating exactly why there are one o the greatest acts to come out of Sweden in recent years. This may be a mere EP but it has been more than enough to win me over to the band. Now as they embrace the tastemaking power of Blues Funeral Recordings I get the impression that Besvarjelsen is going to only expand in their scope.

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