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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Sterling Serpent - S/T

This is a really nifty one. The collaboration between current and former members of King Dude, Bell Witch, Serpentet and Terminal Fuzz Terror Sterling Serpent is exactly the sort of thing you expect on Van Records. This dark singer songwriter EP crafts some truly bleak sonic landscapes. This isn't just a record you  can expect to lose yourself in - it's a record that takes the listener on a transcendent journey of peace and enlightenment. It's hard not to be enamored with the simple beauty of Sterling Serpent and their understated elegance.

Of the component bands who have merged to form this supergroup, Sterling Serpent is most similar to King Dude. With many songs featuring relatively sparse instrumentation, dominated by pianos and acoustic guitars, there is a lot of space to explore within the confines of Sterling Serpent. With all the music delivered in a very somber downtempo approach, Sterling Serpent routinely leaves listeners in awe. Though this EP is relatively short, it drags the listener down deep emotional depths. However the voices of the other artists are given their chance to ring out. One particular highlight is the moody duet of 'Eternity.'

I get the impression there is a lot more good music to be had from Sterling Serpent. This is one of the most impressive debuts of 2019 and hints at a group who could come to dominate the Roadburn cool kid circuit. I am all about these moody sonic wellsprings from which Sterling Serpent seems to draw its strength. There's a lot to think your teeth into across these four tracks and if any of the component acts were ever going to get popular in a mainstream sense, then this would be the project that would push them over the top.

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