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Monday, July 8, 2019

Hive - Most Vicious Animal

When two of my favorite labels in the underground collaborate on a record I usually stand up and take notice Such is the case with the latest offering from Crown and Throne Ltd and Seeing red Records. The d beat driven hardcore of Hive on their new record, Most Vicious Animal is truly impressive. While it reeks of Swedish hardcore with touches of the PNW influence of bands like Poison Idea the end product is distinctly one of their home city of Minneapolis. Most Vicious Animal is a brash and domineering record - one that will never surrender to the madness.

The raw energy cast out of your speaker cones with this record is truly exciting. This is a band where you can feel the pure hatred shining out. The metallic hardcore assault of these tracks is addictive too. Since the record barely clocks in over thirty minutes it's hard not to be impressed with the unending sonic torment that they deliver with aplomb. Most Vicious Animal continually raises Hive to new heights and seems to be having fun with its sense of almost primitive bombast. The end result is one of the best composed and altogether flowing hardcore records that I have heard in a long while. The approach here is delectable.

Most Vicious Animal is a forward thinking record that clearly understands its place in the punk canon. Hive continually push themselves to new heights with their downtrodden lyrics and overarching sense of despair. A truly hard hitting and frequently thrilling listen, Hive revel in the inherent madness of their sound. Across twelve tracks, Most Vicious Animal remains high energy and consistent, repeatedly proving that they are among the best and brightest coming out of the ever fertile Midwest.

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