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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hound The Wolves/Glasghote - Split

For those in the know Hound The Wolves and Glasghote are two of the most exciting bands in the crowded Portland doom metal scene. Though the groups have very different sounds borrowing from separate sides of the doom metal spectrum what they have done here is create a meaningful and powerful record, the sort of thing that can be looked back upon years from now as an achievement for the community more than anything else. With each band contributing two songs to the split get ready for a journey across audiophonic wastelands.

Hound The Wolves kick off the split with two extended tracks that take the listener on a subdued heavy rock journey. The trippy intro to album opener Godhead is a stunner and perfectly sets up the madness that is to come. As you journey with Hound The Wolves though their half of the record you start to get a sense for why their heavy vibes have won so many devotees in the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, Glasghote have really started to bring things to the next level with the riff driven stoner metal approach of their tracks. Croatoan launches their side with a distortion laden assault that pummels the listener into submission. The band lean on raw volume but it works compellingly.

Simply put this split sounds massive and the at times at odds sounds of these two bands actually serves to make it even more interesting. If you want a more subdued take then the Hound The Wolves side is for you. However if you want something coming from the more Conan worshiping side of heavy rock hell then Glasghote are here to break your head in. The Pacific Northwest is quite the womb of heavy bands. It's a blessing to get to dig your teeth into so many and ingest what they are all about - it's up to you to embrace it.

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