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Monday, July 29, 2019

Slaughtbbath - Alchemical Warfare

When a band is called Slaughtbbath you kind of know what you are going to get. The Chilean blackened death metal power trio unleash raw hell on their new record Alchemical Warfare. This is an album that is driven by raw bloodlust and an almost over the top sense of heavy metal madness. It's clear that Slaughtbbath worship at the altar of musical ancestors like Sarcofago, but they take their brand of extreme sonic desecration to a whole new level, crafting some truly devastating heavy music.

Alchemical Warfare makes its name on big burly riffs and hard hitting Destroyer 666-esque drumming. It's hard to listen to Alchemical Warfare and NOT feel energized. There is something that is inherently magical about a record that goes for the throat like this. As blasphemous bangers like Prophetic Crucifixion attest, the spirit of black metal remains raw and wonderfully evil in South America right now. In an era where the Chilean black metal scene seems to be reaching bold new heights with every passing release, Alchemical Warfare sees Slaughtbbath separating themselves from the pack with superior songwriting and production.

Suffice it to say - Hell's Headbangers have done it again, they have dug up another genius underground act who are doomed to destroy and destined to die. Slaughtbbath are a fun listen for those of us who love the modern aggressive black metal scene. Not a band who fuck around with any sense of artsiness, Slaughtbbath instead revel in the black metal slaughter of groups like Bestial Mockery. With a deep understanding of the genre and the hope of more to come, join me in getting your face melted the fuck off.

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